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Sell your stuff

Wanna sell your stuff?…

Once you hit the “Innocent Civilian” Rank by fully completing your profile, you will be able to apply to become a “Superhero” rank which offers the ability to sell stuff and upload files. The coolest thing about having a store, is if you upload digital products, all you need to do is add your Paypal information, upload your digital product with price, pictures and a description, then the store will handle the rest, including getting you publicity. Just sit back and watch your Paypal balance fill up, while we handle your digital sales.

“OK, I’m a Super hero, now what?…”

Once you are allocated this rank, you’re going to need to know what to do 🙂 So we’ve created this tutorial to help you get your stuff on the site. The stuff listed here is only available to folks with “Super Hero” rank.

First, check out your dashboard by hovering over “My Stuff” in the navigation bar, then click on “My Store”. Alternatively click here: Dashboard (Link opens in new tab so you can keep this tutorial open).

In your Dashboard you will see all of your sale statistics.
On the left side of the screen, click settings. In here, you can personalise your store. Make sure to fill in all of the fields.
Next, on the left side again, click “Payment”. In here just put your Paypal details into the box. Now you’re ready to receive payment. Lets get a product on the site.

Adding a product

Go back to your Dashboard and click “Products.
On the top right of the screen click “Add New Product”
Fill out the fields as required:
Be sure to add an accurate title to ensure the item is easier to find. E.g: Iron Man Mark 3 Helmet instead of “IM MK3 HELM”.
Add your price, but do NOT include the £ or $ symbol (important).
You can choose to add a discount price then schedule it for a certain time.
Select the required category.
Add some tags.
Upload picture, and more if you want.
Write a brief description then a longer one in the next box if you wish
Leave visibility on Catalogue and Search for maximum exposure.
Then add a note to buyer in the message box at the bottom.
When you click “Save product”, your product will be listed, but it will return to the edit screen, with a notice saying “success”. You may now navigate away from the edit screen and your item is active.
Click “View Item” to see it in action.

Downloadable Products

To add a downloadable product, tick the box that says “This is a downloadable product”. Click add file, then browse to the file location on your computer. (Note, your files are stored on our secure server, and only the site admin has access to them, so don’t worry).
You can choose to add a download limit, for example 10, and then only 10 people will be able to buy it. You;re best off leaving this blank. Same goes for a download expiry.


As all of our payments are currently handled by Paypal, if you need to post a physical item, please obtain the buyers address from Paypal once the payment is confirmed.

Edit a product

To Edit a product you have already listed, navigate to “My Store”, then products, then under the preview image on the specific product, click “edit”. Edit your item and click save. You will be given a notice that it has been a success once you are redirected back to the edit page. You may now navigate away to another part of the site, or click “View Item”

Final note to sellers

Please note that Onekura takes 5% of the final sale price to help pay for hosting, so make sure you incorporate this into your listing price. Also don’t forget, we use Paypal for transactions and they will also take a percentage of sale. Please visit Paypal directly to find out more about their charges.

The Onekura team.

We are fixing some errors under the hood. The site may not offer all the features at the moment. We apologise for the inconvenience.