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Restricted Area

Hold it right there!
Looks like you’ve entered a restricted area!!


Why have you been brought here?

Firstly, are you signed in? Yes? Cool!!! At Onekura we run on a rank structure and the higher you rank, the more areas you will gain access to. Ranking up is achieved by interacting with the site and completing little tasks. At Onekura we aim to build a fully interactive community, and for that reason we don’t want people to come in and take files, then leave.

When you first sign up, you are ranked “Arch nemesis”. In order to access the PDO, 3D files and browse the site, you must fill in at least 40% of your profile here. This will ensure that you are a trusted Arch Nemesis, and not just here to grab files and run off to complete your world domination.

However, when you have completed your profile 100%, you will rank up to become an “Innocent Civilian”. Upon achieving this rank, more of the website will become open to you.

Innocent Civilians will then be able to apply to become “Superheroes” and  will be able to upload files, offer services, open shops to sell stuff and access the secret forums when they go live…

A points system is also in operation and high points will be rewarded in the future, so get those points up.

Head over to edit your profile and get ranking up

The Onekura Staff

P.S. Beware, if you’re profile changes, and you fall below the profile completeness threshold for your rank, the site will automatically demote you to a lower rank.

We are fixing some errors under the hood. The site may not offer all the features at the moment. We apologise for the inconvenience.