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Points System

At Onekura we want to make your visits as fun and rewarding as possible, so we have decided to run a system to reward users with points for activity. Many different activities on the site will reward you guys with points. At a set date each year, points will be counted and the top 5 members will each receive a prize. Once the points have been rewarded, the totals will be reset and we will start again. The highest points will be earned by completing more complex tasks.

These are the activities that earn points, and how many points each activity is worth:

Points system:

IMPORTANT: Referring a friend using your personal referral link (below) will earn you 50 points per sign up:

This is your own personal affiliate link:


Copy and paste this link to receive points every time someone clicks it and signs up.

Profile stuff

Click here to edit your profile (opens new tab)

  • Registering with Onekura gives you an instant: 10 points.
  • Daily log in: 1 point per day
  • Upload a profile picture: 10 points
  • Upload a profile cover photo: 5 points
  • Connect your profile with Facebook: 5 points
  • Connect your profile with Twitter: 5 points
  • Connect your profile with Instagram: 5 points
  • Connect your profile with Google+: 5 points

Viewing stuff

  • Viewing posts: 1 point per post view (maximum 5 per day)
  • Viewing forums: 1 point per forum (maximum 5 per day)
  • Viewing Events in the calendar: 1 point per event (maximum 5 per day)
  • Viewing products in the store: 1 point per product (maximum 5 per day)

Adding things:

(Some things restricted for lower ranks)

  • Adding a file to the site:: 10 points
  • Writing a tutorial for us: 10 points
  • Writing an article: 10 points
  • Adding a new event: 10 points
  • Adding a product to the store: 10 points
  • Commenting on things: 1 point: Maximum 5 per day (-1 for deletion)
  • Forum creation: 10 points (-15 for deletion)
  • Forum Topic Creation: 5 points (-10 for deletion)
  • Favourited topic: 1 point (Limited to 10 per day)
  • Replying to topic: 1 point (-5 for deletion)
  • Reviewing store products: 5 points

Manual Adjustments 

The admins may also choose to reward users with points based on their activities, donations, conduct and any other rewardable actions we seem fair. This will be entirely down to the administrations discretion and all rewards will be clarified and voted on before being rewarded.

Purchase Points

If you want to get ahead of the game, you can also purchase points by using the form below which will divert you to Paypal. Points cost £0.10 each 🙂




The realtime leaderboard can be seen on the right hand side of any page, or at the bottom of the page on mobile screens.

Don’t forget, points will also be automatically deducted as soon as any of the above are removed.

All points are documented and anyone found abusing the points system may have all cheat points removed, all points removed entirely, or even removal from the site. Play fair please. Posting your referal link into forums is allowed but we may limit the total amount of referrals you can receive points for.

We hope you enjoy 🙂

We are fixing some errors under the hood. The site may not offer all the features at the moment. We apologise for the inconvenience.