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What is the rank structure?

Onekura runs on a rank structure to reward more frequent users with more access to the site. When you first join us, your access will be very restricted as the rank of Arch Nemesis. By completing some parts of your profile, you will be promoted to Innocent Civillian. This is the basic rank to enjoy Onekura more freely. Innocent Civilians may then apply to become Super Heroes, giving them allowance to host their own stores and upload content to the site. Other ranks will be incorporated accordingly.


What are points used for?

They are awarded for interaction with the site. Click here for more info


Pepakura Files

What is the blue tick I keep seeing on members profiles?

This is to show that a member is verified and trusted. The blue ticks are reserved for exemplary members that have contributed a considerable amount to the cosplay community.

How do I become verified? (Blue Tick)?

You are welcome to apply for a verified blue tick, but most applicants will be ignored. If you can demonstrate that you have made a substantial contribution to the cosplay community, then we will be happy to reward you with the verified badge.

How can I sell my stuff?

In order to open a store, you must first become an Innocent Civilian and have a completed you profile 100%. Then you can apply to become a Superhero, this will allow you to open a store and alternatively upload files if you wish. Admin does reserve the right to promote people to Superhero without completed profiles if they can lift Thors hammer.

We are fixing some errors under the hood. The site may not offer all the features at the moment. We apologise for the inconvenience.