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About Us

The Pepakura Library was initially formed as a Facebook Group by Damian David on the 28th July 2014. The sole aim of the group, in its early stages was to provide Damian an outlet to share his Pepakura and Papercraft files with his friends and family. However, public interest began to grow in the art of Pepakura as the cosplay community started to boom. The Pepakura Library quickly became the largest repository/forum on Facebook for the creating, building and sharing of Pepakura files.

In September of 2014 David Goff joined The Pepakura Library and instantly started dialogue with Damian David regarding how to develop the library to create a better user experience. Damian and David began months of planning and preparation with the mutual ideal of expanding The Pepakura Library to the greater web. This natural progression offered several advantages including the potential for refined search facilities, and instant previews of all files.

In June 2015 Danielle Gormley approached David with her own ideas to create an external website to host the files. She offered her own suggestions and David instantly recognised that Danielle shared the same visions as him and Damian. With an overwhelming desire to drive The Pepakura Library forward, Danielle was offered a place on the team.

The Pepakura Library Facebook group currently has over 18,000 members contributing to thousands of visits and interactions per day, expanding and growing it into a massive online community. Many of these members offering their own Pepakura files and 3d models which were soon getting lost among the thousands of other files, with no suitable method of searching. As the group became more active, the members began to see problems in its basic abilities throttled by the Facebook “group” infrastructure. The main problem being the aforementioned difficulty of searching for specific files.

To elaborate on the above, it is estimated that we have a repository of over 50,000 Pepakura files, some hosted on the group, and some in local storage space, the only real method of searching through these via the Facebook group, was by scrolling to the bottom of the list of files, then doing a basic “ctrl+f” word search. This became increasingly troublesome when it became apparent that some files weren’t named correctly and some didn’t have screen shots.

The first stage in the expansion was to build a test website to see how it was received by the public. We created PepakuraLibrary.com. Within just 4 months the site was booming, and already on page 1 of google, but it was missing a lot of featured that we wanted to offer the members, including personalised user profiles, and the ability to offer shops to the members, among others. We then started work on phase two, “The Onekura.com project”.

To explain briefly, the word “Onekura” stems from the english word “one” and the Japanese word “Kura”; meaning “craft”, amalgamating to create “ONE CRAFT”. The reason for this particular choice of name, is because we wanted to incorporate all aspects of the cosplay community, from 3D printing, to fabric costumes, pepakura, and all types of costume and prop craft, into one single title.

With all this in mind, our mission and main foundation at Onekura is to provide our users with a one stop shop for every Pepakura file in existence by incorporating our world famous Pepakura Library. We aim to offer our users a comprehensive search function with intricate categories, correct credits for the people who created the amazing works of art and of course, screen shots so that you know what you’re downloading before you download it. From these basic foundations we aim to ensure our users are privy to the greatest user experience in the world. These are just our basic foundations and Onekura will have so much more to offer in time, with staff working around the clock to build and expand this amazing community.

With all that said, we take this opportunity to welcome you to the number one place on the web to find all of the Pepakura files you could ever need for your amazing projects, a place to interact with likeminded folks and to learn brand new skills that you thought were never achievable.

Welcome to Onekura.

We are fixing some errors under the hood. The site may not offer all the features at the moment. We apologise for the inconvenience.